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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question: Do I have to deregister modules if I don’t want to take part in them in this semester?

Answer: A deregistration is for economics modules is not necessary because it is not mandatory to take part in the exam.

Question: What is the meaning of the modules „Issues in …“? How can I register them?

Answer : Those are „Container modules“ used for guest professors who got an teaching task or they are used for credit transfer of credit points which are achieved at another university when there is no comparable module at the MLU.

What do I have to consider when registering for the internship and submitting the internship documents?

Answer: All relevant information can be found in the examination regulations or in the corresponding form "Praktikumsnachweis" on the page of the examination office under the section "Forms". The internship report and the evaluation sheet must be signed in original. The evaluation sheet should also contain a company stamp. Furthermore, a copy of the internship contract is required. All documents must be handed in at the latest 6 weeks after completion of the internship on site (opening hours or mailbox) or by mail at the examination office.

Question: Can I put the form XY in the post box?

Answer: You can put all the forms in the post box for the examination office. Please ensure you filled in the forms completely (and signed by you) in reason of a clear assignment otherwise a delay in processing might occur.

Question: Do I need to register for second repeat of an exam in person? What should I consider?

Answer: You have to fill in the form for 2nd exam repeat and bring it to the examination office in person while exam registration period. It’s mandatory for the examination office to inform and consult you with alternatives. Further you get a receipt for your registration which is the verification which you need to show at the beginning of the exam.

Question: How and from when do I get my certificate?

Answer: As when all the achievements of the examination regulations are done you can pick up the documents printed for you. Please inform the examination office that you completed your study to ensure a fast creation of the documents.

The final documents can be picked up in person (or with letter of authorization) in the examination office. Sending it per post is also possible. Please provide stamps in the value of 6.45€ (Germany) and the address to sending it to.

Question: When can I start to register for BA thesis?

Answer: When you are studying a course of study with 180 credit points you need at least 130 credits points. If you are studying economics with 120 credits you need at least 90 credit points. A scientific paper (e.g. term paper) should already have been written. The calculation for the necessary credit points is done without additional modules you might have done.

To ensure a that someone takes care of the bachelor thesis it is important to take part in the „allocation process for bachelor / master thesis“ one year ahead. For Further Information about the allocation process please refer to the FAQ-Question about the allocation.

Question: Where can I find registration and deregistration deadlines?

Answer: You can find register periods for modules and register and deregister periods for exams at the “Löwenportal”.

You also find deadlines for register and deregister exams at the website of the examination office.

Question: What do I have to do when I get ill in exam period?

Answer: Not taking part in exams because of illness needs a proof. Please send in the physicians statement form for registered exams immediately (within 3 work days) and filled in by the doctor. You can download the form by the link „forms of the examination office“ on the homepage of the examination office. Also take notice of the extra explanation document.

You cannot send in a health record (only the physician’s statement form).

This is also necessary for written exams, like the bachelor and master thesis

You can hand in this form also via post box (Gr. Steinstraße 73)

Question: How do I get credit points transferred when I change my course of study within the MLU? When do I have to do it?

Answer: The request can by formlessly done in the examination office. For processing you have to provide the following information on your request: Name, matrikel number, date, info about the performances of the course you want to transfer.

Question: How can I transfer credit points from exams I already did at another university after a change of my course of study?

Answer: For each module / performance you need to fill in an extra form “Antrag auf Anerkennung bereits erbrachter Prüfungsleistungen“ (download from forms of the examination office) and sign it. Also you need a module description and an authorized overview of performances to bring in to the examination office. You need to bring it in at the beginning of a semester after you registered for a course.

Question: How is StudIP / Löwenportal working?

Answer: Information about how the portals work can be seen in the section „Guidelines for first semester“. The guidelines are explaining the websites in general. For further questions please refer to the HelpDesk of the specific portal.

Question: Where do I renew my registration?

Answer: You have to do the renewal in the „Löwenportal“ or in the matriculation office.

Question: Do I need to remove myself from student register and where is it done?

Answer: You need to remove yourself from student register in the matriculation office. You will get an official document of doing your removal only if you do it in person. The document is need by other departments or government offices. Exmatrikulation (

Question: Where do I get my new TAN list?

Answer: In the matriculation office („Studierenden-Service-Center“).

Question: What is a letter of allowance and how do I get it?


The letter of allowance is used to put you in a higher semester after a change of your course of study. You need to put in together with your application at matriculation office.

For issuing please contact advisor of the examination office in office hours. Students from other universities need to put in a certified overview of performances, a clearance Certificate and module catalog.

Question: What is the learning Agreement and what have I to do with that?

Answer: Before you start a foreign study a learning agreement needs to be arranged where all performances which should be recognized are shown. For further information please make an appointment with the advisor of the examination office.

After you return you need to bring in the Transcript of Records to acknowledge your performances.

Question: What is the qualified achievement certificate?
How and where do I request the certificate?

Answer: Students who receive money from BaföG-Amt need an official document about already done performances (§48 BaföGG) after 4th semester which is needed until 15th October to be issued to the BaföG-Amt. The official document needs to be picked up at the examination office. Please provide the funding number.

Question: From when is it necessary to pay for a long term study?

Answer: If you have to pay for long term study is depending on your kind of end of study which results of § 112 HSG LSA. Further information are available on the website of department 1 “Studium und Lehre” in the attached department 1.3 “Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung, Studiengebühren, Stipendien und Wahlen”.

Question: How long can I take exam performances?


Exam performances can be taken as long as you are entitled to take exams.

You are losing your entitlement when a 2nd repeat of an exam in a compulsory module are finally not passed or an elective area cannot be compensated by other modules.

You are losing your entitlement also when all subjects of your study program are fulfilled.

Question: What happens with my additional credits?

Answer: It is possible to participate in an extra course and obtain additional credits. If you wish, you may choose to remove your worst grade from your transcripts of records upon completion of your studying here as long as you have obtained the required number of credits. This can be done by contacting the examination office.